Maire Aileen Dempsey

Democrat for Judge

10th Judicial Subcircuit
(McGing Vacancy)

Meet Maire Dempsey

Maire is an experienced attorney who has spent her career defending the rights of her clients in civil cases. For the past 14 years, she has focused her practice on defending nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. She is an active member of her community and volunteers her time helping those in need. She is an avid martial artist who is dedicated to helping to train women to defend themselves from sexual assaults.

She is seeking to become a Cook County judge because she believes that everyone who has an interaction with the judicial system must be treated fairly and with respect—she understands that when people appear in court they are often facing one of the most stressful and vulnerable experiences of their lives, and deserve to have their case heard by a judge who treats each one of them with compassion.

Maire was born and raised in Cook County currently resides in Old Irving Park. She graduated from Saint Mary’s College – Notre Dame, IN and University of Illinois – College of Law, earning academic honors at both schools.

Black Belt Martial Artist and Self Defense Instructor

Maire has been training in martial arts for almost 15 years. She earned her black belt in karate. She trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and teaches Modern Arnis (a Filipino stick fighting art). She has taught Women’s Self-Defense for the past 12 years and is dedicated to teaching women how to protect themselves. Statistics indicate that one in four women will be a victim of sexual assault in her lifetime–Maire has dedicated herself to empowering women to defend themselves.

How you do say her name?

It’s pronounced Mary. Maire is the Irish spelling of the Anglicized name, Mary.

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Maire Aileen Dempsey, Democrat for Judge

Born and Raised in Chicagoland

Maire was born in the north suburbs of Chicago. She has 3 sisters and 8 brothers. She has lived in Chicago for the past 17 years.

The Chicago Bar Association's Judicial Evaluation Committee has made the following finding:

Ms. Dempsey has handled complex legal malpractice cases and is active in community work. Ms. Dempsey is well regarded for her integrity, diligence, knowledge of the law, and excellent demeanor.

The Chicago Bar Association's Judicial Evaluation Committee


– Chicago Bar Association, 2019

Bar Association Ratings


Arab American Bar Association of Illinois (2019)


Black Women's Lawyers Association of Greater Chicago (2019)


Chicago Bar Association (2019)


Chicago Council of Lawyers (2020)


Cook County Bar Association (2019)


Decalogue Society of Lawyers (2019)


Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois (2020)

highly qualified

Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois (2019)


Illinois State Bar Association (2019)


Puerto Rican Bar Association (2019)


Women's Bar Association of Illinois (2019)


10th Judicial Subcircuit
(McGing vacancy)


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